Letter: Joe helps a local company “make it in America”

Joe discusses manufacturing issues at Ballore, a company in Dayville that he helped reduce costs and preserve jobs.

Today’s New London Day carries a letter from Steve Brunetti, President of a manufacturing company in Dayville, describing Joe’s successful efforts to help his company reduce its costs and preserve jobs.

I contacted Rep. Joe Courtney’s office last year to vent about some unfair trade practices that were adversely impacting our business, and casting doubts about the future of some hard-working people in northeastern Connecticut. Ours is a manufacturing company working against the odds to compete in a highly competitive and sometimes on an unfair global playing field, trying hard to provide decent wages, benefits and hope.

Rep. Courtney and his staff were surprisingly accessible, interested in our issues and willing to work to help. In short order, we developed a strategy and an approach that would allow us consideration and inclusion in an upcoming tax bill.

The resulting good news – and proof that it is possible for our government to actually work on behalf of the average person – is that on Aug. 11 President Obama signed into law the U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act, which contains critical tariff suspensions and reductions aimed at helping American companies grow and support further job creation, the very issue our company had been struggling with.

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