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"Joe Courtney has proved to be an effective congressman for the 2nd Congressional District that covers the eastern half of Connecticut." New London Day, 10/28/2016
"Courtney’s tireless work ethic, intellectual vigor and sound legislative judgment have enabled him to represent the vast 2nd District ably" Norwich Bulletin, 10/30/2016
"Courtney is a bright, energetic and hard-working member of Congress who has earned another term." Hartford Courant, 10/25/2012


The Dolphin – Published: Thursday, June 02, 2016

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Navy League bestowed their annual ‘Sea Service Award’ to Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-02) for his efforts to promote shipbuilding and support our maritime services as the ranking member of the Seapower and Projection Force Subcommittee, May 13. This award is presented to one member of the House or Senate each year on an alternating basis – with the previous recipient being Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

“I am deeply honored to receive this year’s Sea Service Award,” said Courtney. “Our Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and mariners work each and every day to protect our nation, and I am proud to do what I can in congress to advocate for them. The rotating award itself, a binnacle from the S.S. Sioux Falls Victory, will be an interesting addition to my collection for the next year that I am sure will spark a lot of discussion about the importance of the sea services and  maritime industry to our nation.

“I want to thank Dale Lumme, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson, former Commandant of the Coast Guard Admiral (ret.) Robert Papp, and U.S.C.G. Vice Admiral Sandra Stoszfor their kind remarks during the ceremony. I promise to continue my work championing increased submarine and ship construction to make sure our Navy, Coast Guard, and maritime industry have the resources they need to continue to protect our national security.”

Dale “Kid” Lumme, President of the National Capital Council of the Navy League of the United States, said: “Every year as the Board of Directors of the Navy League National Capital Council deliberates the nominations for this prestigious Congressional maritime support award – there are usually lengthy back and forth discussions of potential deserving candidates.  This year, Representative Courtney was described by all as the quintessential bipartisan member of Congress that defines every aspect of this award.”

Courtney serves on the House Armed Services Committee and is the ranking member on the Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee.

The National Capital Council of the Navy League of the United States has presented this annual Sea Service award to members who have made outstanding contributions to the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine since 2004. Recipient names are engraved on the compass binnacle from the SS Sioux Falls Victory ship, a ship built in January 1945 and participated in the latter stages of WWII in the Pacific theater.  It was one of only a few Victory ships whose armed guard crew received a battle star.  The battle star was awarded for action in the 1945 Okinawa amphibious assault and occupation.  The ship also served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.